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Can't sleep, clowns will eat me

The reason I'm awake stringing together incoherent entries and coughing is that when I tried to sleep I heard noises in my head. They were zinging and zapping noises, like there was a bolt of electricity shooting between my ears, or a projectile whizzing between them. I keep telling myself that it's just sinus pressure re-stabilizing and causing bubbles in the fluid between the ears. Either that or psychosomatic. This makes perfect sense to me. It still freaked me out a little. I have a really vivid imagination and it kept telling me that the noises were communications from aliens or supernatural creatures. I didn't like that much, and I couldn't sleep anyway because it was loud. I'll be up for a bit more before heading to sleep.

To amuse fumoffu while I'm awake being a total girly-man here's a poll:

Poll #371402 Am I a closeted homosexual

From my journal or other communications you have had with me, do I come off as gay

Yes, you are pretty clearly a homosexual, and judging by this poll getting ready to come out
Yes, you are a homosexual, just deep in the closet
How would I know about your sexuality?
I suspect that you may be pretty bi for a white guy
You're asexual, attractive and attracted to nobody
You seem to be a heterosexual with a very low sex drive
You appear to be a heterosexual with a deep appreciation for the deeper aspects of the female soul
You're a horny bastard who just won't admit it. ADMIT IT!
You're a typical sexist pigdog of a man. Oinkbark
You don't give me polls, you give me cold comfort

Any other pressing things to tell me?

How offended are you by this poll?

So offended that I can't tell you, perhaps my lawyer will be able to
Annoyed enough to stop reading your tripe
Takes up too much space on my friends page, otherwise don't care
Not really offended at all. It's beneath my notice.
It might a positive, if slight, impact on my day and my life

Turnabout is fair play.
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