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Bewildering, sure, but do I stimulate?

Sometimes, like after that last monumentally incomprehensible effort, I feel like my journal should come equipped with a "How's my writing" sticker, with my cell-number on it so that people could call me in the middle of movies to bitch about how I clogged up their beloved friends page with almost impressive prose that devolved quickly into ADHD gobbledygook with the occasional esoterically amusing reference to mythology. If anyone wants to make me such a sticker I will plaster it on my userinfo page for the world to see.

I was going to write something about my arrogance, but I don't really want to at the moment and one of my writing problems has been how I've built up these queues of things I have to write in my mind, and they clog me. I need to learn to juggle multiple projects at once, and to let some ideas go. For example I had this idea of "What if Sisyphus was incredibly arrogant, and spoke like a pro-wrestler. What if every time the boulder rolled down the hill he would glare at it, shrug, and say something like 'Alright motherfucker, I don't know if you checked your watch or not but it's SISYPHUS TIME today, so you are going ALL the way up. OH YEAH' before making another attempt. What if he hit on nearby chicks with lines like 'Don't worry baby, daddy's going to take care of this rock and then be right with you. Why don't you grab something to eat and I'll be right with you. I like a big bootied dead woman. It should be a shelf back there.'" This was extremely amusing to me and I was trying to put it into something, but I've realized that it's pointless. I may just go back to posting some random junk in this journal to get it off my mind. That's a large part of why I'm renting the damned webspace anyway.

I know that being esoteric and confusing is not really the way to go for someone who wants to be a professional writing. Esoteric ramblings don't exactly get you the ladies either. On the other hand I feel like style is something that, to a certain degree, has to come from within, and I'm convinced that complexed difficult thought is generally of more value than the easy-reading short-sentence stuff that makes you popular. I've always thought in complicated holistic ways, and I want to express myself as accurately as possible.

Popularity is not a determinant of value. Just keep that in mind when the gorgeous and girl you want to marry is sucking the cock of the intellectually dishonest but very comprehensible guy while you sit home alone trying to distill Kantian principles into a functional moral system.
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