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Terror at home

I'm eating really poorly right now, but it doesn't matter. Part of coming to understand your emotional reactions and crutches is realizing when you need one. I need one right now, because the panic I've been keeping out of my mind for the last few weeks has come home to roost with a vengeance. This may not be the most important election of my lifetime, but I hope to god it is because a more important election would mean that things would be even worse. It would mean that disaster was imminent, not just looming huge on the horizon as it is now.

Now that election day has come I wish I was out in some swing state going door to door canvassing for votes. My reasons for not doing so were, and remain, sound. John Kerry will make a mediocre president, and I don't like the pushy canvasing technique for getting the vote out anyway. New York is not a neighborly place and if someone knocked on my door wanting to talk about politics I'd probably answer holding a baseball bat. I don't support the current political atmosphere and style of rhetoric. I don't want to read a stupid script or follow the instructions of some benighted fool who doesn't really understand what's going on. The real reason I wish I was out there is so that I wouldn't have to spend the day thinking about what's going on and what this election means. I'll be going to the polls after posting this and showering, and I have to pick up a ham a little later, but other than that I only have time to kill. Time to kill while the world's fate may hang precariously in the hands of the American people and the lawyers.

A vote for Bush is a traitor's act at this point. It is taking a dump on the grave of Thomas Jefferson and burning a cross on that of Frederick Douglass. I have respect for principled conservatism, the stance that personal responsibility and individual rights trump the desires of collectivist bureaucracy, but principled conservatism is dead in the national wing of the Republican party. There may still be some congressmen and governors who care about things like rights and fiscal responsibility, but the majority have caved in to the pressure of the Bushies, as did the Democrats when it comes to Iraq and some of the more nefarious actions of the regime of terror.

This is not an election of ideas. People keep saying it is, but it's not. It's an election based on morality. John Kerry's ideas are mostly liberal retreads, and while some are good and some are bad none are particularly new. What John Kerry has to recommend him is a sense of our shared humanity. He's a smart man, an arrogant man, a somewhat staid and reserved New Englander, and he has shown poor judgment more than once in his 61 years of life on this planet.

But he is, despite all these things, pretty normal when it comes to just being a person. He is indecisive at times, changing his mind when new evidence presents itself. He seems somewhat troubled with homosexuality, wanting gays to have equal rights but not really wanting to think about it or apply the M-word. He fought overseas when a young man and still isn't quite sure what to feel about that. When his young daughter was growing up and asked about his Silver Star he didn't tell her that he'd had to kill a man for it. He was conflicted. While proud of his bravery he was also ashamed of taking someone's life and of the horrible and useless war he'd been fighting in. John Kerry is a man. He doesn't hear the voice of god, he doesn't have unshakable confidence, he is far from perfect.

He is not George Bush.

Bush has no doubt. He views himself as worthy of special treatment and thinks that he is divinely inspired. He has no respect for the young men he sends to die in foreign lands or the people they kill. They are mere tools to be used for his personal glory. He has decimated America's economy, standing in the world, and civil liberties in the pursuit of an agenda that benefits only him and those who share his lucky breeding and sense of entitlement. George Bush is an autocrat of the worst kind, a stupid shortsighted inhuman one. If he had killed a man in Vietnam instead of cowering in Texas like the craven fool he is, he would have probably cut the head off of him and shown it to his children years later if it had kept. Judging by his reaction to Abu Ghraib he'd probably have great pride in himself if he had participated in the My Lai Massacre.

A vote for George Bush is an act of craven ignorance or worse. Bush has been nothing but terrible for this country, he has done nothing to protect us from the terrorists, letting the shipping containers go uninspected and stating that he doesn't care where Osama Bin Laden is even as the horribly mismanaged occupation in Iraq inspires even more hatred and loathing of America against angry young Arab men. A vote for Bush is a vote against freedom. It is a vote for death and destruction. It is a vote for instability and hatred.

The other day on the subway a man with an anti-Kerry pin was screamed at. "What about the kids who died? Why don't YOU go to Iraq?" I hope those who support George Bush can look deep in their hearts and see the fresh faces of young people, many even younger than me, being shipped off to a foreign land to fight a fool's war. I hope they realize that the way we've been waging this occupation, riding around with body armor and machine guns, has only guaranteed more death and hatred. I hope that before they pull the lever to cast their evil vote they imagine that instead of a voting machine they are looking at a young man's face, and instead of a lever they hold in their hand a gun. They lift the gun to shoulder height, place it firmly against his temple, and pull the trigger, splattering his brains out on the wall. His body drops to the ground lifeless and they repeat this procedure a thousand times, killing each fresh young recruit with the same cold-blooded disinterest just because they can. I hope they remember all the coffins we haven't seen because the evil ones won't allow pictures. I hope they realize that we're bleeding red ink and young blood at a rate far too high to keep up indefinitely. I hope they understand all this, and that they choose to stay home, reading the bible or whatever other ignorant intolerant activity Bush supporters undertake when they have time off.

John Kerry may be a mediocre candidate for president, but mediocrity and normality would be a welcome change. Honestly at this point Bob Dole or George Bush I or one of the other mediocre Republican candidates might be just as good a choice. They aren't running. Kerry is. George Bush II is the sort of president one would conceive of if one was hoping for the apocalypse. A reckless murderous megalomaniac who doesn't secure nuclear weapons while giving everyone he can think of a reason to use them. A moron who believes himself superior to everyone else. A dangerous unhinged lunatic who thinks he hears the voice of god in his head. The perfect actor to play the role of the anti-Christ if one believes in such things.

I couldn't sleep last night. It was like your birthday eve when you're a little kid, imaging all the presents and fun, except that in this case you don't know whether you'll get anything or not. If John Kerry wins the presidency and gets to ascend to the inauguration stage then our world will be set back on its normal path. American can get back to its job of slowly declining in a fat happy way.

If George Bush wins...
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