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No excuse for being a bushie zombie. I feel like Sam Kinnison

I don't know whether I can respect or be friends with anyone who voted for George W. Bush this election. This time the line is too damned clear to try and understand people who refuse to see it. I have advocated tolerance towards the oligarchs in the past, but how anyone could look at this country over the past four years, look at what George W. Bush has done, and decide that he's the right candidate is absolutely beyond me, unless you're a greedy rich person or an evil shortsighted bigot.

What strengths do people claim Bush has? He's cut taxes...mostly for the rich. Furthermore he has increased spending for both military and domestic programs while decreasing revenue. He runs the country like one of his businesses, which is to say as a money pit. Those who think the deficit doesn't matter are wrong. The more foreign debt we take on the more economic power others have over us, the weaker the dollar becomes and the more attractive the Euro is. If we lose the dollar as the de facto international currency, a position it retains right now only through inertia, then we lose the only thing preventing other countries from sanctioning us and really attacking us via foreign policy save our military might. Speaking of military might, George Bush has crippled the military when it comes to taking on real threats. We are bogged down in Iraq, not meeting recruitment requirements, lacking in equipment for training AND operations, and generally unable to project power to anywhere where it might be needed. If China attacks Taiwan tomorrow do we have the ability to defend the small island? Maybe not, thanks to one George W. Bush.

I haven't even mentioned all the body bags, but maybe they're worth thinking about. Over a thousand young voices quieted so that Iraq could be turned from an ordered country under the rule of a brutal dictator to a chaotic pit of terrorism and fear ruled by a bunch of bungling bureaucrats. GREAT IMPROVEMENT GUYS! REALLY LIKED THE DECISION TO ONLY GUARD THE OIL MINISTRY AND LET THE EXPLOSIVES GO TO THE INSURGENTS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

George Bush is the worst military commander since Joe Porter of the H.M.S. Pinafore (KNOW THY G&S) He is a fool listening to other fools. He has not protected this country from terrorism nor done anything but doom us to quagmire misery and loathing by EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH (whoops. Did I forget Poland?)

On the domestic side? Well he supports huge giveaways to drug companies and bigoted treatment of homosexuals. He sure does like the Jesus, like every other brainwashed low IQ idiot who believes in a 2,000 year old book because a lot of other idiots do too. As governor of Texas he slept well every night after his state killed retarded Negroes, since a Negro life doesn't seem to be worth much to George W. Bush. He's certainly shipped enough of them overseas to spill their blood for Halliburton's profit.

There's no excuse for voting for Bush. You want a strong sure commander to fight the war on terror? How about competent. How about someone who has shown that he could actually SUCCEED in a warlike scenario? How about a MAN at the helm of the country, instead of a sniveling cowardly demon?

Being confident and sure counts for nothing if you're incompetent or evil. Hitler was confident. So was General Custer.

Those who vote for Bush this election are the Germans who stood before Hitler and cheered because they thought he'd do what was best for THEM. They are the stupid public in every apocalyptic movie who allowed the evil manipulator to consolidate control over the good kingdom and lead to its ruin. They are the simpering idiots who don't realize what they've done until it's too late. They should be wearing jackboots and brownshirts to the polls (some of them are, the Republicans fanning out to try and lie so minorities can't vote. Talking about traffic ticket disqualifications and the rest of that bullshit.)

There's no excuse. None. I don't care if he's your FATHER, you don't betray your country.

Bush is a liar, a killer, a hate filled monger of destruction. Those who argue that it's the Democrats who are angry not the Republicans have NO point to make. The Democrats are angry because we see our country in the hands of a madman. Nobody is afraid of a John Kerry presidency. What's he going to do, give a really boring state of the union speech? Unite Europe behind America in the war against terror?

Voting for bush is treacherous betrayal of everything Americans should hold near. It's a horrible selfish short-sighted act. It's accessory to murder.

I can't overlook it, no matter who you are.
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