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I want to go to sleep tonight and wake up in a world where my nation has not been hijacked by idiots

I may have been unnecessarily inflammatory when I compared voting for Bush to being an accessory to murder. It wasn't fair. A lot of people who are accessories to murder are bound by close personal bonds or unaware of what it was the person being assisted did. Bush voters are going in with eyes either open or willfully squeezed shut. In truth they are more like Leonard Little. He was the Rams defensive end who killed a woman driving drunk and then, after spending some time in jail, went on to be arrested for DUI again. Voting for Bush was stupid to begin with, and it had results that can only be described as tragic. We're throwing away jobs, money, and young lives like so much used tissue paper while stockpiling foreign resentment and strengthening our true enemies. Altogether a worse record than killing one measly wife and mother in a car crash. We have over a thousand dead sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, sisters, wives, and daughters (Oh the daughters, it may be sexist of me but they hit me the hardest. You find out your wife is pregnant and learn that it's a girl. You paint the nursery pink, buy enough barbies to open a tiny plastic brothel with, and nurture her for 18 years, watching her grow from toddler to princess to teenager to the cusp of womanhood. Then, since you've taught her independence and that she's as good as any man, she decides to prove her mettle defending this great nation. Instead the government ships her to a desert where we don't belong and you get her back a few months later. With a missing arm, or 3rd degree burns all over her body, or in a body bag. The same little girl you held in pink swaddling and played tea party with, now pale and silent and dead. People have talked about how the congressmen who voted for war should send their sons to Iraq but nobody talks about the daughters. We can't conceive of feeding young women to the bullets bombs and mines of our enemies for no better reason than that it's part of Paul Wolfowitz's insane plans. We do it though. We send them there knowing that some will be captured and raped and tortured and some will die. Our little girls. The same ones who went to ballet recitals and dressed up as mermaids for Halloween and who remind us of the sweetness and hope in humanity. We let them die, you and I, we let them die.) This is the legacy of the Bush presidency. I haven't even mentioned the torture of foreign citizens even as we talk about CHINA'S human rights record, or the fact that we've turned on those among us who happen to be gay or have to go through the DIFFICULT choice of aborting a fetus, or just want a little bit of help without being preached to. I haven't mentioned them yet because nobody's talking about them. The other issues are so big that those tragedies have to get in line if they want any attention. It's a long fucking line.

You don't have to be a bad person to drive drunk, or vote for Bush, but it helps. Both behaviors are also extremely difficult to forgive. It doesn't matter if you open the door for old ladies or volunteer at a food bank or give money to worthy causes. If you're running over someone's mother or voting a terrorist into the most powerful office in the world, you're negating a whole lot of good karma. According to exit polls many of the people who are voting for Bush are doing so on the basis of morality. I thought that it was a typo or a joke (Maybe a unique case but I don't consider lying to the entire country multiple times, allowing the torture of prisoners without trial, awarding federal money to corrupt and evil institutions that were once run by your boss or refusing to acknowledge that you've ever made a mistake to be a sign of strong moral character. In fact I think it sounds like one of those horrible 8 year old boys who you just know is going to grow up to be an asshole who beats his wife and children and drifts in and out of jails.) Then I realized it wasn't a typo, it was a word choice error. They didn't mean morality, they meant religion, two things that are, at times, diametrically opposed.

Bush has the fanatic vote. The ignorant obedient sheep vote. The vote of people who believe in a big man in the sky who created the world and chats with old George on a regular basis. In other words the vote of the sorts of people who drive to church on Sunday hung over from the night before, not bothering to think for themselves and realize that both the booze and the sermon are crutches to keep them from thinking and feeling like adult human beings.

If Bush wins, and the paranoid part of my brain, the part that reminds me that one day my father didn't come home from work because he was dead and that tells me that no woman has or ever will love me, is screaming that he will, it will be a victory for ignorance, paranoia, and stupidity. It will be a victory for short-sighted selfishness and fear mongering. It will be a knee to the groin of democracy and freedom, and may turn into its death knell in America.

Who votes for Bush? The uneducated. The religious. People who live in areas where bigotry and racism are still a way of life. Those who have no respect for people outside their own clan. Who haven't tapped into the metropolitan lifestyle of diversity and global responsibility. There's a reason that the more education you have the more liberal you become. Exploration of the world of ideas teaches us to look through the eyes of other people and come to respect and care about them. Intelligence allows people to see through the simplistic logic of religion and fear. Wealth may imply Republicanism but wealth and intelligence are not necessarily directly correlated. A lot of becoming rich is getting lucky, or knowing how to be ruthless and mean, or having people skills. This world is not a meritocracy. Might does not make right, and cash does not mean brains.

No matter who wins this election gay people have lost. In 11 states referendums unnecessarily banning gay marriage have been proposed and right now it looks like they will pass in all 11. It also looks like somehow the gay marriage debate was important in the presidential race, to the detriment of those who are pro-equality.

I think I'm going to follow John Stewart's advice and curl up in a little ball, in New York, and cry.

For the next four years.

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