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Politics is personal

As you may have noticed I've been talking about politics a lot recently, a change from my previous trend of focusing more on my pathetic personal life than the goings on of the world. I've employed a lot of strong rhetoric and anger, although clearly not enough since I only managed to alienate 2 maybe 3 of you at the most. I'm losing my touch.

The thing is, politics has dominated my personal life recently. There are other things I could talk about. I have a film class take home test due Monday and it's going to make my weekend a big pain in the ass, especially since I don't have a lot of energy for academic study at the moment. I haven't all year. I think in some ways it's easier to be a full time student than part time. Then your mind and energy are oriented towards the university and it's a real part of your identity, rather than having to wrench yourself back from the real world into the world of ideas a couple times a week or so.

I could obviously talk about all the women I'm still not getting, and starting to notice more lurking around the city. My (potentially) closeted friend has been complaining about women again. He cites statistics of how easy most women are these days and expresses bitterness that they are not easy towards him. Then he tells tales of girls who give him back rubs and ask him to stay over but whom he rejects because his contacts were starting to hurt. I'm not sure what he's trying to prove through those complaints but I do know that if he is indeed a straight guy then he has a lot to learn about complaining about women. It doesn't really matter to me whether he's gay or not, but it's kind of amusing when he intersperses questions about what jewelry he should or should not buy (It's a sapphire, but clearly a poor quality stone, he'll say. As a rather unfashionable straight guy I have no clue what constitutes a high quality stone or whether sapphires are good stones for rings, but I try to empathize) with straight guy rhetoric.

I could talk about my job (stalling, partially my fault partially my boss's) or my weight (I think I'm starting to turn the corner again there) or my writing (Nothing's coming, nothing at all) or even GTA San Andreas (A very enjoyable but also extremely frustrating game indeed.)

I don't want to though, not yet, I'm sure I will, but not yet.

The fact is that I don't understand people who say politics aren't important. Oh sure, I agree that our lives won't change THAT much under the reign of George Bush the Second, at least not at first if we're not one of the unlucky few. If we don't get sick while we don't have health insurance (I currently don't, by the way) or need government assistance for our housing or, you know, want to buy foreign goods at the prices that a strong dollar would allow. The present will go on a shade or two worse than it would have been otherwise and the majority of us will be fine. If we're not gay we can still have sex and get married, or if we're not in the military our life expectancies won't drop off a cliff.

Of course I don't think it's okay to ignore the plight of those in minority groups. It's not okay to throw gays under a bus and deny them the right to a family and the legal bonds of partnership just because you happen to crave cunt. It's not okay to turn a blind eye to the soldiers in Iraq, or the missing limbs of the ones who come home, or the ones who don't come home at all. That's not the main reason my mind's on politics now though.

The main reason is that whenever a country's political atmosphere careens as dangerously off track as the United States' has you risk a day, in the not too distant future, when it's not just a matter of blossoming deficits and working families being unable to get housing and health care (I can't believe I wrote not JUST a matter of working families not getting housing or health care. That makes me feel a little dirty.) There comes a day when the secret police don't need to be quite so secret anymore. Lurking around libraries is bad, but the cloud on the horizon that it represents is so much worse. Giving money to churches to administer social welfare programs AND allowing them to hire only people of their own denominations is bad. Wait until they're allowed to preach while administering government handouts, or until you need to swear that you are a baptist before you can get a hot meal. It's bad when the FCC starts attacking Howard Stern and Janet Jackson, but it'll be worse when they go after Jon Stewart and Larry King.

See this election did not just thrust us into a valley, it also sent us careening towards a precipice. The first act Adolph Hitler's party took when it gained power was not the mass slaughter of millions of innocent people. It was power consolidation. Power consolidation of a kind that's not entirely unlike what we've seen in this country.

I'm not saying that Bush is Hitler. There's no evidence that he has much of an interest in slaughtering millions of people, he'd rather make them work sub-minimum wage jobs producing luxury items for his rich friends. On the other hand he doesn't have to be Hitler to be truly terrible. There are many levels of bad between incompetence and genocide. My fear is not that we'll go all the way but that we'll go far enough to make life miserable for millions of people. In fact it's already too late for that, but at least those people were already miserable before we got there.

Unless we resist and fight and scrap to keep America balanced just precariously on the edge of the cliff I'm afraid we'll go over, or further over depending on your perspective. The key to fighting terrible things is not to wait until they've happened and react but rather to act when there's still a chance to prevent them. That's why politics must be important to EVERYONE right now. That's why the resistance must keep churning and screaming and stomping its feet. If Kerry had won the White House we could have relaxed some. He would have kept the country limping along in an okay trajectory. With Bush we don't know. There is a small part of me that's optimistic, that says he will learn from his mistakes. Then the rest of me remembers that he doesn't make mistakes. He makes Freedom Errors (and then only in appointing people.)

Not getting my dick sucked has never meant so little.

P.S. I was listening to Savage Nation yesterday during work just because Savage is so fucking CRAZY that he's got to be lying, and one of the more amusing things I heard (Besides Savage saying "It's okay if you want to drink water in private, but not in public." Thank you for giving me permission not to die of dehydration.) was Savage talking to another guy about how women like bad boys, and then saying that this was why they liked liberal guys. You could tell from the caller's voice and speech mannerisms that he was a stupid jerk and lonely because of that. He may also have been fat. Anyway I think the liberal 'bad boy' image is absolutely glorious.

"Oh Joanie, Sam rides a motorcycle. It makes me so hot."

"You think that's hot? James supports a woman's right to control her own body and equal protection under the law for homosexuals."

"Oh my, he's so DANGEROUS."

"I know. I know it's wrong when he tells me that I can decide whether or not to bear a child, but I can't help myself. It's just so boring to be with a guy who thinks he should be the one to make those decisions for me."

"Sam supports restriction in abortion...while he's out riding his Harley three sheets to the wind."

"Stick with him. You've got a good guy there. A solid fellow."

"Eh...does James have a brother? Maybe one who thinks that the government should protect local water supplies from corporate polluters? I need a sense of excitement."

Apparently compassion and a belief in equality makes me a bad boy. Who knew?
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