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More terrible top 10 happenings

Top 10 places to expatriate to without turning your life completely upside down:

10) Canada. It's close and it's similar to us, but you have to speak French.

9) North Korea. A country run by a powermad dictator armed with nuclear weapons and totally divorced from reality. Remind you of anyplace else?

8) Iran or Syria. There'll be tons of Americans over there in a year or two.

7) China. If you're going to live somewhere with a state-run media in denial about everything from the environment to the AIDS crisis you might as well get some really cheap beef lo mein while you're at it.

6) Vatican City. If you're longing for a place with greater separation between church and state.

5) Monaco/Luxembourg. Lots of rich people and nowhere for Bush to claim WMDs are hidden. Should be safe for at least a little while.

4) India. Maybe you can get your old job back.

3) Sweden or Argentina. One country has sky high taxes, the other has gone bankrupt and lost control of its currency. It'll be like stepping 10 years into the future!

2) New York. Trust me, it's a whole different country up here.

1) Poland. Truly an unforgettable place to live.
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