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More procrastination because I can

I may be writing some poetry in the future. Be assured that it will maintain the same terrible standard of quality that this journal can be relied upon for. That's why the APA has tagged this journal as "Not suitable for anyone with an ounce of faith in humanity remaining." The problem with writing bad poetry, besides the actual production of MORE bad poetry, is that people start to question your manliness. Before I embark upon this quest then I'd like to REMIND you people that throughout history extremely manly men, from emperors to murderers, have written poetry and still found time to screw a bunch of chicks!

In fact the Terminator himself, AHNOLD writes poetry too. According to Mr. Schwarzenegger had been stymied by his inability to work out as much as he once did and has turned to poetry to help him relax and process his emotions. An amused aide actually gave them an exclusive sample of his poetry.

In my manly arms

by Arnie

Girly men, girly men
You worry about the poor
Do not worry
I will crush them in my manly arms
And they will get to work
Those lazy bums healed by my manly strength.

Losers losers losers
You want some compromise
Try winning an election
I will crush you beneath my manly feet
And you will learn to like it
I set the agenda with my manliness

Beautiful woman beautiful woman
With your breasts so large and firm
Oh how beautiful you are
I shove your face into the toilet with my manly hands
Not so beautiful now, not beautiful like me
I stay the prettiest one in the picture by dominating you
Such is my manly nature.
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