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Human rights? America doesn't BELIEVE in human rights, motherfuckers.

Bush's appointment of Alberto Gonzales as the Attorney General of the United States shows just how far to the center he's planning on going. The answer appears to be not very. Ashcroft was bad, there's no doubt about that. He was more concerned with trying to ferret out women who had had late term abortions than terrorists or people who had purchased assault rifles. On the other hand, he was pretty much just an ultraconservative dickweed when he was appointed to the office. Yeah he'd done bad things, but in the typical conservative realms of oppressing the poor and minorities and giving free passes to corporate interests and anyone else with money. Now he's gone.

When George Bush introduced his replacement he basically said "Look. This guy's Mexican and grew up poor. Also he's like qualified or something." It's true that Gonzalez has been the white house counsel during the 1st term. During that term white house lawyers churned out memos in support of torture. That's right, the guy heading up the Justice department, the one who oversees the FBI and is responsible for enforcing various federal laws and rules including the bill of rights, is a supporter of torture. Now I'll grant you that his memo was more ambiguous than many of the others, but this is something of a disaster. I thought we were past the days of appointing people who directly opposed constitutional amendments to essential cabinet posts (Previously it was mainly 13-15 that they opposed.) Apparently not. It's funny. The Republicans complain that the liberals can find the right to an abortion in the constitution but not the right to carry a gun.

I find it funny that they can somehow locate the right to hand out noncompetitive bids to companies they are closely connected to, but not the right to a trial or to be free from torture for non-citizens.
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