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Inauspicious beginnings

Those days that start with awkward stumbling and irritations are always interesting to me. How you let them develop and what they mean to you means so much about your perception of the world, and I've been trying pretty hard to change mine. Today I woke up with a slight headache and some pretty nasty heartburn. That's not the way I like to get ready to face the world, especially on a day where I might be getting my mid-term back from my film class and have a full schedule of soul-deadening things to attend to. I stumbled into the other room and attempted to put some Frank Sinatra into my CD player. Waking up to Frank singing "Under My Skin" is always nice. I opened the CD case, removed the CD, and in attempting to close the case it lost traction on the table and skidded off, knocking down several CDs to the floor. I turned to put Sinatra into the player and he slipped from my still stiff fingers, falling on top of a tangle of wires. I stood there for a second with a bunch of possibly damaged CDs lying around me, no music on, and another bout of heartburn and I had to chuckle. Most of life's pains are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, and it's that choice of what you do when presented with unpleasantness that helps define the upper limits of what you can accomplish and enjoy.

I think a lot of the aggression and anger we're seeing right now out there in the world is a result of people not being able to constructively channel their frustration. The gay marriage bans, for example. Upset about traditional values being eroded by progress? Join the club, I am too. Your solution is to lash out symbolically against homosexuals? Uhhh...yeah that's not going to work for me. Why not spend a few more hours with your children instead, or stop participating in economic activity that erodes the standard of living among the working poor and thus leaves them without time or money for the luxury of having traditional values.

Upset about the divorce rate? Don't blame the fagots, stop shopping at Wal*Mart.
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