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One of the problems with driving all the conservatives away from my journal is that there's no one to answer for the absolute two-facedness of the current administration. I mentioned previously that they're talking about eliminating the tax incentive for employers to give health care to employees. They're also forwarding the idea of eliminating the deductibility of state income taxes from federal income tax. While I would certainly agree that we need to do something about the deficit, both of these targeted tax hikes would be among the worst possible ways to do it. Eliminating the health care incentive would cause employers to stop insuring their employees and lead to a big hike in health care costs, since individual plans are much more expensive than group plans. This is a very good way to reduce the ranks of insured Americans, something already going on thanks to the prevalence of non-benefits temp work. When people were talking about the fact that there are something like 44 million uninsured Americans during the campaign they did were not suggesting that the number was too low. Whatever money might be gained through this tax hike would not come close to covering the ridiculous Medicare drug company giveaway. Then there's the elimination of federal exemption on state income taxes. This fucks over the blue states pretty good, since they actually have income taxes in order that they might pay for silly things like education and housing for the poor, or environmental protections or whatever crazy spendthrift things they want. It also blows up the idea that the Bushies are for either states rights or elimination of what they call double taxation. How is taxing a dollar that's being PAID in tax to New York State less of a double taxation than taxing a dollar gained from an investment? I'm sort of interested in what they have to say about this.

How long until the Bushies start implementing lunatic libertarian ideas like allowing the rich to pay fines for rape or murder, or replacing the income tax with a super-regressive national sales tax?


P.S. Keen observers of human nature will note that I've been writing journal entries today instead of working on my story. What can I say, I woke up a little tired and I felt I needed another day off to relax and recharge my creative battery. I have to finish it, at least the first part, by Friday, but I should still have time. I've done some thinking and planning about how to approach later parts.

P.P.S. I love ketchup, even not on anything. It's delectable.
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