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If I ever get hip, not that there's a chance of that happening, please please shoot me

My friend just sent me an article saying that the hipsters are leaving New York and I gave up reading after just one page. It's not that I'm sad to see them go, it's that reading ANYTHING about them is agony to me, because I hate them with a burning intensity. They are much of what I strive not to be, and not in opposition to them, but rather because they strive for nothing but the acceptance of others. There's no internal life there, no sincerity, no attempt to experience and expand upon the human condition. They want to sell vintage ashtrays and aspire to make smug films about insular subjects for only their friends to get, with the hope that those on the outside will see the films as a glimpse through the window and want desperately to get in.

This is one of the reasons I was afraid for a very long time to admit I wanted to be a film-maker, or a writer for that matter. I don't want to wear the right clothes or go to the right restaurants. I want to sit in old cafes with aging men who's lives are tapestries of politics and art and how the whole wide world affects the common man. I believe that art and artistic endeavor should not be a closed circuit camera system peering in upon itself but rather an inn along the road of life, inviting people inside for a price (and by this I don't mean money, but rather the price of engagement and reflection) to rest themselves from the rigors of the world outside and perhaps gain a new perspective interacting with their fellow travelers. I can lay no claim to being cool, nor will I ever be. Being cool means there's an out group, a bunch of people who AREN'T cool and are defined by that. I hate that part of our society and wish that it would change.

The hipsters are obsessed with finding the new thing before everyone else does and flaunting it. They change their names to ridiculous things like Tiramisu and care about shoes with the intensity you or I might care about landmines and orphans. Sometimes they care about landmines and orphans too, but only in the way that they care about shoes. As badges of their 'caring nature' and 'cause driven' activism, when those things are in vogue. I hate the hipsters even more than the causies, because at least the causies are TRYING to find passion and meaning in the world, albeit through a constricted and limited access hatch. The same for the punks and the pierced people. They are expressing their yearning with commitment, and while I think it's limited it's at least something. The hipsters only commitment is to one another. They are the people you see stepping over the homeless without so much as a thought and looking around at each other before they laugh at a joke, to see if it's kosher.

I've been told that I'm a mix between an old man and an adolescent. Regarding my attitudes towards the hump-chested monsters (AKA women) I could be called adolescent, but when it comes to hipsters I am definitely old man chic. Hey you kids, get off my lawn, and out of my fucking city.
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