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My friend told me that he thought I was spending too much time writing in my Livejournal, and he's right. Too much creative energy expended here, not enough on the projects that I really want to do. I have to cut back, because my aspiration is NOT to write about my life in absurd detail (as I was once accused of having a penchant for doing) but rather to write things of artistic and/or commercial value. LJ has been a great tool for getting back into the groove of writing every day, but it's also been a creativity sink for me, and I can't afford to keep doing that. Right now I want to write about a bunch of psychological stuff that I've been working through (nothing traumatic, just self-analysis, endless self-analysis) but I need to limit that. Find the balance between denial and self-indulgence. I haven't done enough work on my piece and now I'll be in crisis mode tomorrow. I ate way too much today and had a generally good time, got a lot of sleep, but I didn't get the work done, and work is important. Essential even.
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