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New York Diaries #893

Women can get away with the damnedest things.

On the way home on the train tonight there was a girl watching over 3 drunk friends. Nobody was paying them much mind, until they started to puke. They went off like a chain reaction, one after the other and each time they managed to spill some vomit on to the floor of the subway car before she got the bag up over their mouths. The car around them emptied quickly, but at my end of the car we couldn't really smell it, and there were some black guys making fun of the situation, which is pretty common. Like it or not New York belongs to the black people, and if you slip up or look like an ass they're the ones who will point it out to you. They were being pretty lighthearted about the situation, considering the fact that these kids had violated New York protocol by getting on the subway drunk (When you're that toasted you're supposed to take a taxi) and then puking all over it and not getting off. Someone could have called the conductor and gotten them booted or had EMS called on them, which would have been worse because it would have meant a trip to the hospital, notification of school and parents, etc..., and they were underage. Instead they were just having some fun and trying to make a disgusting ride a little more pleasant.

The girl starts snapping. "I'm glad you find it funny that I'm stuck taking care of three drunk people!"

Well yeah, it was pretty funny. This was not some great tragedy, this was a bunch of kids acting like MORONS and fucking up everyone else's ride. We're supposed to have sympathy because she takes her friends out drinking, lets all THREE of them get drunk to the point of puking, and then brings them back home on the train?

Now if a male said that to the black guys it would create a tense situation. They would not enjoy being told to shut up when they were in the right, and she was being a shrill bitch about the whole thing screaming at her friends and the other passengers and everyone with the sense of entitlement that only a well-off female can muster. Since she was a girl the guys let it slide and actually quieted down, but frankly I wanted to point out that while she was in a bad situation it was entirely of her own making, and her group deserved censure for putting us all through that bullshit. That's part of what society does, it holds people accountable for their misbehavior so they won't do it again. We've all been mocked in public, sometimes deservedly sometimes not, and when you deserve it you're supposed to grit your teeth and bear it, telling yourself that you're never going to put yourself in that situation again.

Later I offered to help her get her friends up the stairs and she snapped at me. She didn't even have a sense of humor about the situation then, when they were almost home.

These fucking kids. I think she left her bag full of puke on the train under the seat for some poor janitor to find. If not then they at least got a puddle.

Female logic:

Go with friends.
Watch friends drink way too much.
Watch friends STUPIDLY get on subway which has the combination of rattling trains and stagnant air GUARANTEED to aggravate nausea.
Watch friends puke all over train.
Get made fun of for it

People making fun are in the wrong.

Oh well. If nothing else it was yet ANOTHER reminder to avoid alcohol. I'm interested in the tastes of various wines and liquors, interested in what the attraction of having a couple cold beers after work in, interested in the whole phenomena, but it's just not worth the cost. My friends had wine with dinner tonight and I just stuck with diet coke and water.

It is probably best to return to tea totaling completely, screw the health benefits of wine, at least for now. (Although to be fair that single glass of red wine I had with my friend Gabe on Sunday was very pleasant with absolutely no side effects, so if I can keep it to that it may make sense to occasionally imbibe a little bit of the vino. These kids were not responding to wine, I'll tell you that. They looked like they had been having shots aplenty.)
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