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Eeks addiction

On second thought this music archiving thing could get very addictive very quickly. It's already 4:15 AM and though I slept some earlier I didn't intend to be awake past 2:00. I had to get over a thousand songs on my computer first though, and then I was in the middle of listening to something and making play lists, and well you know the story I'm sure. For someone like me who LOVES experimentation and mixing things up this could become a real issue, as I wonder "What would happen if I followed Led Zeppelin with Bing Crosby and led into Weezer and then Randy Newman's 'Leave Your Hat On'" (the answer is, of course, a beautiful collection of sounds.)

On the plus side I'm really looking forward to burning some exercise CDs with this, which should help my health in the long run. With this program I can make sure that I get ONLY upbeat songs that get my blood pumping from a wide variety of artists.

Dyna-Moe Humm is a really fun song. I could make some broad sweeping statements about how pop culture was so much more creative way back when or how this song could never be played on the radio today and thus might not find an audience, but who cares? It's everything a pop song should be. Catchy, fun, dirty, and singable. Frank Zappa is just the sort of offbeat musician that I appreciate and I think it's too bad he's starting to be forgotten. Not everything he did worked, but the stuff that did? It's sheer bliss.

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