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Hitler and Bill Clinton shared at least one thing in common: They both loved saxophone music.

I only got two hours of sleep last night. I think my mother has some sort of actual device that tells her when someone has gone to bed late so she can bang around early in the morning in an attempt to wake them. I think it's a small wrist mounted thing that beeps whenever she could be waking someone. She likes to call at 7:30 AM when I've been out late too. It's really quite remarkable. The army should hire her for interrogations.

In other news I've discovered an ITunes genre classification so clever that I can only tip my hat to it. Someone classified one of my Wagner CDs as JAZZ. That's right, when asked what genre music by one of the most famous Romantic Opera composers, a man who died well before the 20th century and whose racist viewpoints are widely known (I expect rpeate to demand proof) someone responded Jazz. I'm going to choose to view this as a joke by some clever lad who wanted to remonstrate against the views of the famous composer by lumping him in with an art form invented and perfected by people he would have found distasteful. I'm going to do this because to do otherwise would leave me weeping on the floor over the state of my generation, and I don't have time for that. I'm sorry to be writing so much about ITunes, really I am, but it has been a long time since I've seen this much disinformation and foolishness concentrated in one place, especially a place that is otherwise an example of competence and at least adequate design. There've been like 10 TV shows that have made the "Tivo thinks I'm gay" joke but I've yet to see anyone talk about the fact that ITunes thinks Wagner is Jazz. Personally I think it's easier to make incorrect assumptions about someone else's sexuality then to think that a composer wrote music in a genre that didn't exist while he was alive (and that he most certainly did NOT progenerate.) That's just me I guess.

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