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The Christmas Calm

I think my boss gave me an idea for a Screenplay that I'm advanced enough to take a crack at, and I think I'm going to try and write it during the time off I have now, hopefully revise it a little, and then show it to him to see what his thoughts are. Everybody is always asking his advice about things, why not me? I honestly think that I'm ready to write this one, and that it's going to be good. Maybe not salable but good. I think within 3-4 years, when I am entering my late 20's I will be able to produce something worthy of sale. Some of the ideas in this one are laugh out loud hilarious, the issue is how they can be integrated and whether I can stomach enough of the lousy lines that I can write out the good ones and then revise.

Christmas should be fun. I'm going to watch a bunch of Christmas movies that are aligned against the holiday, like "Die Hard" and "Badder Santa" (which I did retrieve) and play some video games. Maybe I'll watch some sports and get some writing done. No tree no gifts and no fucking chestnuts. The way man was meant to live.

I'm really excited about this stuff. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to the place where I'm "supposed" to be. I'll show those of you who doubted me, I'll show them all!


Bulletproof Monk sucks.
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