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White post-Christmas

I went out for a nice walk in the snow-strewn park this evening. It was bitterly cold by the river and I think my iPod didn't like it one bit but I had a really wonderful time. I've always been resistant to the cold and today was no different. Others were shivering and rubbing their arms but I felt okay. My face and ears did eventually go numb, but I enjoyed that too, in a way. It was nice to feel physical pain and worry about how my body felt after what I'd been through over the past few days. Frigid wind on my ears I can handle, even enjoy for the sheer physicality of it. I'll wear a hat next time just because I don't want to get sick, but this was really nice.

The only problem with the walk through the cold was it made me pretty hungry. Cold has a way of doing that, I think it activates mammalian hibernation instincts or something of the like. Fortunately I managed to sate myself with a sandwich and a bowl of split-pea soup, but in the future I need to make sure to have healthful snacks or meal options available for when I get home.

I'm very serious about this food stuff. I think I'm going to buy a bunch of low-fat cookbooks from and work with them while listening to my iPod. That seems like a wise idea.

The script is going pretty well. I have a gut feeling that this one will be salable. Seriously. I don't say these sorts of things lightly, I don't have that kind of confidence, but this one just feels...solid and like something that other people will like. I'm excited. I don't want to get overconfident or count any chickens pre-hatching but I feel like if this one doesn't end up panning out at least I can feel myself progressing and that's an important and valuable thing. Personal growth and advancement, that's what it's all about.

As for tonight? It looks like a late nap, maybe some Monday Night Football/writing, and finally getting to see Badder Santa, which I've been aiming to watch since Christmas Eve but just haven't found time for while I was feeling up to it. I feel good. I feel like me again.


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