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Broken down and trying

The screenplay has stalled a little bit, although it's picking up steam again. I may have to change the ages of my characters markedly upwards, like a decade, which will throw one of the subplots out of whack. The dialog I'm writing is okay, at points, but it's the sort of thing that cinematically generally comes from the mouth of a character in his 30's or 40's. A lot of it is the sort of stuff I would say, but when I was 22 a lot of people thought I was 30, and I don't have an old face. I'm not sure what to do except to keep writing and recognize that the revision process is going to have to be extensive. There may be a couple months of rewrites to do before I can even begin to get criticism and advice from others. At least this is a learning experience and I'm actually making an attempt, and a concerted one, to do something that I want to do. More and more I am focusing in on the things I am learning as I proceed rather than the potential artistic or commercial value of the end product because there may in fact not be any. That's something I've grown to be okay with. I can learn a lot and change a lot in a year, as I did in my 22nd, and who's to say that a bunch of bad scripts when I'm 23 won't lead to a good one or two when I'm 26, or 33, or whatever. I think that's the appropriate mentality to take. Not to give up on what I'm doing, but also not to overstate its importance or value. In most worthwhile endeavors you have to fail many times before you can succeed. My main REAL problem is that I don't have a sufficiently balanced life so much of my focus is on the future rather than the present, but that's not a healthy attitude and I need to change it, even if the process is gradual.

My Xbox is broken.

A variety of events that I shall be circumspect in my description of here have thrown my plans for the immediate future through a loop and I'm not sure how it's all going to work out.

The Xbox thing is pretty depressing though. I was playing KoToR II and about 7.5 hours in, having fun, when it finally died. I'm worried about having it fix because sometimes they wipe the hard drive and that would really really really suck.
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