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The amount of damage a single woman's period can inflict is incalculable.

I'm watching 28 days later on cable. This is a movie that got a lot of positive press but that I knew I wouldn't like, and I don't. The digital video look is crappy, but you get used to it. The main problem is that lighting looks weird, it's too stark without the beautiful shading that you get on film stock. It ends up being palatable visually but never much more. I can't say that I like the look, only that I've come to tolerate it.

The main problem with the film, for me, is the script. For one thing the whole scenario seems a little ridiculous, what with a virus that infectious and deadly being kept in such an easily penetrated laboratory. In the real world, at least the world that has enough money to do so, such viruses are kept under heavy heavy guard. We're talking backups for the backups, plenty of armed guards, and cages that are bolted much tighter than these. If any such infection were to break out it would probably start in Russia, which has bioweaponry but no money to guard it.

Perhaps more importantly, the spread of the infection is pretty ridiculous. It takes 10-20 seconds for the bug to manifest symptoms, and we're not talking quiet symptoms we're talking snarling screaming bloodthirstyness.

Yet the infection spreads to America. Days after it has taken root in England.

So apparently nobody bothered to phone the Americans and inform them there was a deadly infection in England? Or if they did the Americans ignored it? There's no way the infection could get to the U.S. without being noticed because there are no dormant carriers. This makes absolutely NO sense.

Now getting past the logical lapses is difficult for someone like me, especially since I think the 10 second infection is just a dumb idea to begin with, but there are deeper problems with the film. Shallow uninteresting characters, lots of stupidity to go around, and a generally condescending attitude towards people and mankind. See I don't like apocalyptic films that require mass intelligence failure. They just annoy me. I don't think such a thing is all that likely. Now something like Dr. Strangelove where a few dozen people fuck up the world, that I can buy.

I could keep on bashing the film but it'd be pointless. I didn't like it and I have a host of reasons why. It was okay, I don't mean to imply it was worthless trash because I can think of hundreds of worse ways to kill a couple hours, but it's overrated and it did not impress me or even meet my low expectations.

Nice undeadish creatures, even if they didn't eat each other. They really should have been killing one another.
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