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This is my first post. I've checked out a bunch of other journals and found most of them rather bland, and it seems to me that this whole thing is a study in contradictions. One of the main concepts of a journal is that it exists for the benefit of the author. Unlike other writing which is aimed at least in part at an audience, a journal or diary is a one way street. On the other hand, by posting something on the internet one acknowledges the fact that it is out there for others to read. By putting something out there do you take on a responsibility to make it worth reading? I mean I've seen some very interesting journals and it seems to me that if I put up a worthless one I would simply be contributing to the clutter that people have sift through to find the gems. I at least feel responsible to any potential readers that might come my way. And so it is that I set my main goal for this undertaking as making sure to get out what I have to get out, but in such a way that it does not bore or irritate anyone else who might read it. I guess it's an interesting exercise in balance. This first entry is purely for me, but hopefully I will be able to put up something interesting fairly soon so that a random visitor will be rewarded for their click. I would also be amiss if I did not admit that my main reason for writing this particular entry and setting up the journal now is to avoid doing my trite and boring music homework. Alas I can only postpone the pain, not vanquish it entirely, and so I bid you all, if indeed there are any of you, adieu.
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