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Expansiveness of me

I spent about 6 hours at Gabe's house tonight and had a really nice time. We made chicken, yams, and salad and talked about future projects. We've actually decided on one and now I have a third script to write, albeit this one is going to be a short. I may be looking to rent a studio pretty soon so that I can have a place to go and write far from TV and even the interweb, while also having a place to film so we don't have to meet actors at one of our houses and so we can professionalize this thing. We're starting to get serious and that's really good. I also talked to him about my second script idea (The current name is "Long Way Down" but I won't reveal the plot because I don't want to leave myself exposed to having it stolen, which can happen.)

I'm even more excited now than I have been because I'm not just going to be writing, we're going to start going into pre-production again relatively soon. We'll wait on the studio to see if the Israeli wants to go in with us but things are moving forward. It's definitely a pick-me up, and if I hadn't gotten home at 2:30 AM I'd be writing a good deal more about it.

After we chatted we went out to a bar and I had a single drink (A rum and Coke.) The drink wasn't bad but I really hate bars. Seriously. They're loud and obnoxious and crowded. I am okay with lounges and hotel bars and the like where the atmosphere is laid back and a little classy but watching the hipsters swarm around one another and shout over the music turned up so hard that when they played "Smooth Criminal" they blew out all the words so loud you couldn't understand just made me vaguely uncomfortable. It's decidedly not my bag, baby.

I need to keep surging ahead and working. I've built up some momentum now so that it's becoming less about projects than about a lifestyle and habit, which is what I desperately need. If could transmit that to taking care of myself physically then I'd be so extremely happy that I might even do the famed Gnomish Happy Dance, which is a craze that will soon sweep the nation.

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades! Okay, maybe not shades. Definitely eyeblack though.
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