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Awkward situation 3910

My mother's boyfriend has been sleeping here today/tonight because he had a thing at work that required him to come in twice in a short period of time and it cut 3 hours off his drive to crash here. I am okay with this because they've been together for over a year and it doesn't make sense for him to go all the way back up to his house (my country house as a youth) in between, but it created an incredibly awkward situation recently. He doesn't hear very well at all, a wound from the Vietnam war, and he can tend to make a lot of noise because he's not really aware of it. I was sleeping and was awakened by some banging noises in the other room. Initially I assumed it was him and wasn't too worried but then I looked at the clock and it was like 2:30 in the morning. He had said he was leaving at 1:30 or so, and I started to get concerned that maybe he'd left the door open or something and we had an invader. On the other hand maybe I'd gotten the time wrong, or, as he'd mentioned was possible, it had changed on him. I didn't want to go in there holding a baseball bat aloft and put further strain on our already uneasy truce and yet I didn't want to go in totally unarmed if there was, in fact, an intruder of some sort. Eventually I compromised and took a telephone with me to dial 911 if necessary, even though that made me feel like a girl. As it turns out, of course, it was in fact him and I pretended that I knew it all along and was just going to grab a glass of water.

That was awkward, and now I'm wide awake because of the shot of adrenaline I got from the whole experience.


Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, my mom just published a textbook and a shipment of them arrived here today. I guess she won't be perishing academically after all.
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