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God rest me merry Gentleman

I finally managed to get my new computer speakers working. This is a happy thing. It's probably been close to a year since I've had functional computer speakers, and frankly I think that using earphones as much as I was wasn't good for me. Also since my Xbox is out for the count I am going to have to use my PC as a DVD player, and I don't want to be leaning forward on the short headphones leash. I got a good deal on them too, Altec Lansings for $20 on sale and then about $6 extra for an adapter. I am very happy with them except for one critical problem. They lake a headphones jack. Now this isn't a huge deal for music and such, I can just keep it low and rely on the thick walls of my building to protect me, but it creates a porn problem. See I've grown accustomed to watching my porn with sound on via headphones, but I don't feel comfortable doing so with the speakers on, even set to low. It's not a huge deal if someone hears you playing Steppenwolf a little bit loud late at night, but there are definitely sounds you don't want others attributing to your apartment. I can always unplug the speakers and put headphones in when I need a little self-massage with release, but it's a pain in the ass. I guess every rose has its thorns.

I'm back to work for now and I've decided that I really do need a job. When I stay home and write I get some work done but I end up feeling miserable. I feel like I'm consuming and learning but not contributing anything to the world. Basically all of the writing I'm doing now will be thrown away as learning curve stuff, even if some of the ideas might be recycled later. I have a yearning to actually do work that's valued right now, not to mention earning some money to defray all the expenses I rack up. I need a job. It's a pain in the ass because with working exercising and basic life maintenance my time for writing and directing is limited, but I guess that's just the balancing act that is modern life, or some shit. I'm too tired for lessons and I need to finish two short scripts before tomorrow evening.
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