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Ticking away

Today was a long day at work. I didn't get out of there until 8:15 and spent most of the day working on tax and legal stuff. There was at least a little bit of stimulation in that, but mostly it was envelope stuffing and grappling with unsympathetic computer programs. My boss said that if I wanted to show him my films he'd be happy to look at them. I will at some point but I need to get DVD copies of the more recent ones first. I don't think I'll bother showing the first DVD,

I have been bursting with ideas recently. I have two shorts I need to get written and now something like FIVE ideas for features. It's exhausting. My life has no boretime anymore except when I'm at work and nothing's going on. Just managing to eat, get SOME exercise, sleep, read/watch movies, relax a little work for my boss and work for myself takes like 29 hours a day. I desperately need to lose weight to get more energy. It hasn't been going well recently.

Having an iPod changes the way you view mobile music and not only for the better. When I used to carry a CD player I would only have 2-3 CDs at my disposal at any one time. That meant that if I wanted to listen to 3 hours of music I'd have to actually listen to those CDs. I became familiar with and fell in love with songs that I didn't like at first hearing because of that. With the iPod I have over 3000 songs at my disposal at any one moment. I can listen to any of my favorites at any time. This means that I am less adventurous in what I experience of my library than when I carried CDs. It's nice to have everything at your fingertips but instant gratification always comes at the cost of developing taste and depth. We need barriers in our lives, and modern society is intent on tearing them down. It's such a complicated equation.
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