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Embarrassing things about living in an apartment #8534

The Con-Edison people come by to check the meter at irregular and unexpected times. Their meter readers in this area are almost all African American and mostly female. This in itself is not a problem, except that they know by the amount of time it takes for me to answer the door whether I was wearing pants or not when they rang. That’s a little embarrassing (especially when I'm not) but not in and of itself a serious issue. Add in the fact that today I was playing my music loud enough to be heard outside my door and it gets a little worse. Add in the fact that the song playing when she showed up was “Sexual Healing” and things take a turn for the worse. Now we have a young black woman who knows that I, a fat white man, was sitting around alone in my underwear at 9:45 in the morning listening to “Sexual Healing.” Saying “No, wait, it’s not what it looks like, I’m a writer!” would be inappropriate so I just tried to pretend that she knew nothing and that the fly on my hastily put on pants wasn’t down. For her part, well, let’s just say that she left my apartment with astonishing alacrity.
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