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Sometimes modern medicine does work


I had another migraine today and spent most of it lying down and wanting to die. Not literally, but close to it. The thing about Migraines is that they are like being imprisoned in your own skull. You're in pain and want a distraction, but since both light and sound cause immense pain you end up bouncing around from reading or listening to music to trying to sleep to watching TV to trying to break open a fissure in your skull with a baseball bat so you can let the bad spirits out.

This time the medication actually knocked the headache out, which was pretty surprising since usually it only dulls it slightly. Maybe it was on its way out anyway at the time. Anyway I spent the next 6 or so hours hopped up on caffeine and feeling great. Now I'm crashing again and ready to crawl into bed for a bit of sleep. I'm really frustrated at not having been able to complete some work I've wanted to get to, but I've felt like such shit recently that it just hasn't been a possibility. I am going crazy waiting for the stupid treadmill and there's a ton of annoyances happening in my life. Tomorrow I have to write or I really will have to break my head open and pluck out my brains.
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