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A sick sick country

Watching the Terry Schiavo bill run through congress has been one of the sickest and most pathetic experiences I have ever had. I have argued in the past that I don't necessarily agree that Schiavo should be allowed to die, but that's irrelevant. This country has spat on millions of poor people by refusing to provide healthcare or preventative measures for them. This country has killed thousands in Iraq in the Bushie Bushie war of agressive imperialist murder. This country no longer has a constitution, it has a Haliburton. Kenneth Lay, Bushocracy. To take a stand on THIS issue, the life of a braindead woman, is beyond absurd. It's sick sick sick. She's a vegetable so she's nonthreatening and makes a wonderful little image for the drooling morons of the South. Mmm...corn liquor. Durrr...they like life. Look..they help sick lady. She sick. Durr...incest. Grrr...blargh...lookie so nice. What? Medica...Med-E-car? I no understand word. Duhhh creationism. Durrr durr. I go school in Alibami. They talks about the wrods. I like the babies. They should live. What is an adult? why should they live? They is not little baby. Durr...thinkering? That is blasphemy. Durr...obey. Durr...obey.

Saving a life is admirable. Grandstanding to safe a wasted life when MILLIONS MORE ARE DYING PREVENTABLY EARLY? That is a traitorous behavior and all who endorse it should feel nothing but shame and humiliation at their lost humanity.

The human waste that is the southern and western voting bloc in this country makes me literally sick to my stomach. Those people are pigshit on two legs.
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