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If you try sometimes, you just mind find, you get screwed.

2 glorious days. I had my treadmill for 48 wonderful hours before it broke down. I was going for about 2 hours a day, at a decent clip, sweating and enjoying myself, when yesterday I decided to get on for a morning session (You burn more fat if you break your exercise up into multiple sessions during the day, since the metabolism enhancing effects of exercise continue for hours after you've stopped actually sweating) pushed the treadmill up to about 5 degree elevation and started ramping up the speed. At about the 3.5 minute mark I got an L5 error. I looked in the manual and on the Internet and couldn't figure out what this meant so I called the manufacturer, who told me that this represented some kind of loose connection in the treadmill and told me to call my dealer. I called my dealer. They told me to call the manufacturer. Eventually they said they'd send a service person by. I haven't received any information since.

So here I am with a dead treadmill that cost $1,500 per functional day...except...on a whim I turned it on today (I had already tried resetting it including unplugging it) and it seemed to work fine. I got on and did a 10 minute workout. It was perfect. I don't know what's going on. It's possible that a piece of dust got on a sensor, or a roach or something else. It's possible a little moisture from sweat got in somehow and disrupted functionality but it dried out and now it works again. It's possible that it will give me the error again, so I still want the tech guy to come by.

Maybe it was some elaborate April fools prank played on me by life one day early. That's not so important. In truth missing a day of exercise wasn't so bad. I was getting sore and a lot tight muscles and probably could have used a day of rest, which I wouldn't have given myself. When I got on today I was able to go at a faster pace than previously. Since starting this exercise regime I've felt a lot better both physically and psychologically. I've been able to work on my screenplay, I've felt more optimistic, and I haven't been as tired and sluggish as I had been previously. Clearly I need to continue to use the treadmill and do whatever it takes or costs to make this work. My life hangs in the balance along with my quality of life. I ordered a TIVO so I'll be able to skip food commercials while working out. This should work assuming the machinery doesn't fail me. Even when I thought it had I was able to maintain an optimistic outlook. I am not going to allow myself to be defeated or set back. I am no longer interested in miring myself in misery or pessimism or sadness. I am interested in working towards achieving my goals and living my life.
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