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Unwanted advice

Did another 20 minutes on the treadmill loved it.

I know that the Catholics don't want my advice in this time of change, but the best thing they could do for themselves and the world would be to elect an African, or at the very least Hispanic, pope. I don't believe in affirmative action, but the pope is a figurehead and a black or Hispanic figurehead would say "We are inclusive and we care." Since religion thrives in areas of poverty and poor education most Catholic converts in the future will likely be Africans or Hispanic (Hispanics already make up a huge proportion of Catholics.) Electing someone from their ranks might have the same impact that John Paul II had on communist subjects coming from Poland. As for the world, a black or Hispanic pope would instantly have the biggest public platform of any black or Hispanic leader and would have the world's ear. He could bring to light the problems in Latin America and Africa right now and hopefully turn the world's attention there. I'm not saying a black pope could have prevented Rwanda or Sudan, nor that John Paul II ignored those tragedies, but it could help. That's something even an Atheist like me could get behind.
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