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To the extreme I rock a pope like a vandal, turn off the lights I'll wax his ass like a candle

Treadmilling is a good way to get the endorphins going and forget your troubles. I promise to stop starting every entry like this. Really. Someday. It will happen. Look forward to it.

The whole popedeath thing has brought a question to my mind. How do the little boys whose molesters the pope protected feel about his veneration? "Well, besides the fact that he helped father Tim fondle my dingalingadongdong for like 10 years he was a pretty nice Polish midget." I don't understand how the Catholic church has recovered ANY moral authority after its terrible terrible record of child-abuse. If any other institution routinely covered up that kind of thing it'd be banned or destroyed. How is what Michael Jackson did any worse than what the Catholic Priesthood has done? In many ways it's worse, because no matter what Michael Jackson was he was NOT an authority figure. It's hard to look up to a man whose best friend is a chimp named Bubbles, at least in my experience.

This pope centralized control of the Church under his command. He fought strongly to make sure that clergy could not marry (In faiths where clergy CAN marry they abuse children at a rate no higher than any other group of people, and probably considerably less. Ever hear about a Rabbi fondling a young boy? It's because A) Sexually confused people are not driven to join the Rabbinical order so they can try and repress their urges and B) If a Rabbi does get horny he can go home and have sex with his wife, thus discharging that sexual energy. He also is likely to have children of his own so he is more sensitive towards kids than the average celibate Catholic.) and helped funnel money into the various cover ups. How do we venerate a man who aided and abetted an epidemic of child abuse? How does ANYONE stay with an institution that allowed this to go on, I mean what exactly is more 'satanic' than molesting children in the name of God?

I'll never really understand religion nor those who follow it. It seems OBVIOUS to me that religious people and groups are just as flawed and problematic as any other, if not more so, and trying to cover for it. What is it about the veil of moral superiority that gives such comfort to people? I guess I wasn't born with that gene that makes feeling superior this great and wonderful thing. Sure it's fun to feel good about yourself, but it's even better to watch others raise their game and challenge you and then compete with them. Static hierarchies SUCK ASS.
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