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Tivo my heart from breaking

I bought a Tivo. It was a bunch of money but I will finally be able to defeat those incessant food commercials and be freed from the need to watch TV. I suspect I will record a lot of shows that I won't watch, and that will be a good thing because I watch too much TV. It's really a matching appliance to the treadmill, so I can always have something to watch while on it and I don't need to worry about the damn McDonald's crap.

In other news I think I am going to destroy my treadmill far ahead of schedule. While it's working great now, I can hear the motor whine as I hit the harder workouts I've been doing. I don't think the thing expects someone as heavy as I am to be hitting it as hard as I am. I'm 0.1 MPH from the default setting on fat burn, and well over twice the default weight. What can I say? I move well for a big guy, always have, probably always will (according to doctor's measurements my ideal size for my body type is 6'0" and 210 lbs. That's well over normal, but I'm just big all over. That was not a reference to my penis.) I'm hoping that what'll happen is the motor will burn out after 6 months or a year rather than after 3 years. I can deal with that. For one thing it's got a warranty and I sent in the card, for another I can always buy a new one if I have to, I have the money and this thing is going to save my life. What's the point of scrimping on something that will save your life? To buy a nicer car down the road? Huh?

I am much happier since I've been exercising. It does a mind AND body good. Anyone who isn't doing so right now should figure out a plan. Even people in their 70's who feel debilitated get a nice boost in every way from getting some exercise in. I know why I stopped, but I shouldn't have. Stupid stupid stupid me.

Today my friend who, according to him, is TOTALLY not a closeted homosexual told me that looking at pictures of naked women was "Of COURSE" boring. He stopped short of calling it gay.

This time.

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