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My TiVo is a cunning linguist

I awoke just now at what could justly be described as the tail end of the night and went to the bathroom. On my way back to bed I decided to check in on what TiVo was up to, seeing as it's had a long night of watching TV for me (I had it stay up late and catch Conan.) I clicked it on and went to "Now playing" to check what was up, only to find it recording a Spanish news magazine, ostensibly for me. There are several issues with this, the first of which being that I don't speak Spanish well enough to watch news, or anything beyond a Barney equivalent, in it, and the second being that, aside from the odd 60 minutes segment I generally hate TV news magazines. There it was, though, happily recording a 5:30 AM program entitled "Informe Semana!" (Every Spanish program has an exclamation point after its title. I'm serious. La Officina!) I have no understanding of why my TiVo thought I might like Informe Semana! It's possible that it was the only thing around to record given the various programs I preset it for (It's due to start recording HUD any second now) and I did give high ratings to several Almodovar films, which are in the same language. Still, it's a long leap from subtitled Almodovar films to Informe Semana and I was about to reprimand my TiVo for taking that leap. Then I scrolled down the list to see what ELSE it had recorded in my absence, and it was instantly forgiven.

Anything that spontaneously records episodes of "The Kids in the Hall" for you deserves to watch Informe Semana if it so desires. Am I wrong here?
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