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Wrong conclusions that leave you alone, how could everyone else have changed?

I don't think I will do as well in school as I want to, because I really suck at bending to rules or ideas that I think are wrong. It's why I did so poorly in my composition class, I refused to shorten up my compositions when that would result in me writing something I didn't believe in, and I would refuse to use his or her instead of thier.

I'm scared of getting yet another teacher who I can't agree with and starting another long drawn out cold war. Jeff calls me stupid when I do it. He says the quality of work shouldn't depend on the quality of the instructor. He lives in Purdy's, what does he know? (please no angry rants Jeffery-boy. I am merely insulting you, not your beloved Purdy's, the town that sounds like a spectacularly unclassy diner)

School is very close now. I can taste the books and already see the beautiful campus cobblestones as I walk to class. I'm almost prepared but I'm not preparing. That's okay.

At least I'm not afraid.
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