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Bob Herbert has an Op-Ed in today's New York Times that absolutely everyone should read.

He's both incredibly correct and incredibly evocative in his description of the blight of young death we ALLOW to go on in our inner cities and poor minority neighborhoods. The culture of life people apparently find it much more worth their time to cluster down in Florida praying over a brainless woman than to worry about the various brown and tan young people being cut down far before their times all over the nation. That's to be expected, since most of the Christian lunatics are from the Taintland down South and have sprung from a culture that glorifies slavery and mistreatment of minorities as their Christian right.

So what's the excuse for the rest of us? We care, right? It matters to us, no? Why are we ALLOWING it to happen. And we are allowing it, because you know if this shit was happening on Park Avenue it would not be allowed. Even in the darkest hours of New York there were certain neighborhoods that were pretty close to absolutely safe. Heck in my neighborhood there was a clear dividing line between where the crimes happened and where they didn't. What marked that line? The line of sight of a guard booth on the corner right across from my house. Nobody ever got raped in my building, but a block or two over? Open season on co-eds.

There are solutions to this problem. They are police on the street and gun registration laws. I'm not necessarily in favor of gun control because we DO have the second amendment, and if we ignore that one then we can ignore the first amendment. Bearing arms is constitutional, sure. Where in the constitution does it say that we have to burn purchase information ONE DAY after the purchase is made? Is that part of a well-regulated militia? Where in the constitution does it talk about gun shows with NO oversight? Skeeter wants to buy a shotgun NOW cause he's good and drunk and durn it Jesus wants him to shoot that deer? Fuck Skeeter. We need to be able to follow the chain of ownership of guns and KNOW how they ended up in the hands of the criminals who shot Tafare (If the wackos can call HER Terri I can call him Tafare.) Statistics show that most of the guns used in crimes come from a VERY SMALL minority of dealers. Those dealers need to be prosecuted for breaking the law and for helping a plague of murders spread among our minority youth. I feel just as angry for a young college kid shot down in his prime for no reason as I do for the young kid who cracks his head on the sidewalk playing among the cars. These things DO NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! THEY ARE NOT PART OF A CIVILIZED SOCIETY! THEY ARE A SICKNESS!

They say guns don't kill people, and it's true to an extent. Many murders done by gun would be done via knife or baseball bat if guns were not available. On the other hand, has anyone ever heard of someone being struck by a stray baseball bat? Stabbed by an automatic knife? Guns DO kill people, and the murders caused solely by guns are the WORST SORTS OF MURDERS. They are the evil reasonless careless murders. We need to know whose guns are killing these people and HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE. You don't take care of your weapon and it gets stolen and used in a crime? Then YOU sir are part of that crime. You are culpable.

Gun ownership is not something that will go away in our society, even though the second amendment excuse for it has become pretty silly over time. You are not opposing the U.S. government no matter how many guns you have, we've seen that time and time again. For a militia to oppose federal force now it'd need tanks, planes, and nuclear weapons. The only kind of war the gun owners could wage against the feds now would be a Guerrilla war of...terrorism. Maybe it's worth letting them keep their guns for that purpose, since lord knows the government's getting pushy enough these days that the trigger option just might become a necessity sometime down the line. I do with the gun nuts could see the parallel between their weapon ownership and usage and that of the guerrilla forces in Iraq, but that's probably too much to ask. For now I would settle for making them take responsibility for their guns and whose hands their guns get into. Someone sold or gave a gun to the man who killed Tafare. Someone is responsible beyond the person who pulled the trigger. That person should be hauled into the light to face his shame. He helped cut down a young life just as it was starting to blossom. I hope the Rambo fantasies were worth it.
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