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It's a sign of the times.

I am not sad to see the Miss America Pageant go, since I think it was stupid and shallow to begin with, but one quote from an organizer struck home with me.

"The television audience today has a coliseum mentality, and they are not cheering for the gladiator, they're cheering for the lion," said Robert W. Arnhym, director of California Miss America

It's true, and it's distressing. I don't watch reality TV for this reason. Seeing other people humiliated and distraught doesn't give me a sense of pleasure, it makes me sad. The Contender is a show that looked interesting to me, since I like boxing, but who wants to see 11 guys walk off with nothing but defeat and, likely, a poor quality of future life?

I feel like our society was inching, and is now roaring, towards the status of Rome during its collapse. A complete lack of morality, false prophets and cults springing up like wildfire, a decadent corrupted citizenry, weak and stupid, and a lust for sex and violence that cannot be sated.

Americans would rather watch Donald Trump's pathetic television show for drooling morons than Shakespeare or even John Ford.

Arnhym is right. We're a nation of drooling gladiator fans chanting for the lion, and it won't be a shock to anyone with a brain when the lion breaks out of the arena, comes into the stands, and starts to maul us.
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