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On second thought maybe the whole judgment day thing isn't such a bad idea

I thought I was done ranting for the night but the world keeps fanning my flames.

I was watching a little Bill O'Reilly (Never a good idea, but I can't help but stare at his curiously blotchy face) and he had on professional crazy woman Rebecca Hagelin. She was talking about her new book on (bad) parenting and gave some examples of how she raised her kids. I almost threw up. She basically said that the way to raise a good kid is to CAREFULLY censor what he or she sees and is able to talk about so that only "good influences" get in. She talked about how she kept her 17 year old son from watching MTV or R rated movies (Except, of course, the Passion of Mel Gibson's bulging wallet) and how he had no complaints about having his entire world view decided by his mommy and how he recoiled at inappropriate sights when he encountered them. Now either she's batshit insane or he's one of those creepy fucking moralistic kids who ends up raping a girl because he can't express his sexuality towards her in a healthy or honest way. It's possible that he's gay, which is fine by me, but would completely undermine her argument because she sure doesn't want to raise a faggot. She kept him away from the homosexual agenda (Of course the true homosexual agenda is abnormal hormone exposure in the womb. But we all know that's caused by too many episodes of Will & Grace anyway.) so he should be sexually attracted to women but only when he's married to them.

Holy shit.

I mean my parents espoused a certain ideology, but they never tried to keep me from being exposed to alternative ideas. If I wanted to watch shitty Clint Eastwood movies where the white guy was good and the bad guy was brown, well, that was my business and they'd argue against it but they wouldn't blot it out in the hopes that ignorance would create bliss. Censorship as a parental technique? That's the worst possible way to raise a good citizen, one who isn't prepared to deal with people or ideas that don't agree with him and who is scared of the truth (Hagelin recommends taking your kid out of sex ed class because it's graphic and honest, everything a parent hopes school won't be.)

Even O'Reilly thought she was a nut, but as crazy crazy crazy as she is she's not that far out on the fringe. There are people like her throughout this country corrupting the youth by purifying them and lying to themselves about their kids. The future's so dark I need a mining helmet.

P.S. David Horowitz thinks Roger Ebert is essentially a terrorist. Roger Ebert is a lovable old grandpa who enjoys movies too much. He's an American institution. He's a fucking Midwesterner for god's sake. Maybe these people ARE over-reaching. How many Roger Eberts can you attack before even Taintlanders realize you're completely unhinged?
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