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It's magic time

So the magical treadmill fixed itself again. I'm beginning to suspect that the true issue is that it needs to be unplugged for an extended period of time on a regular basis, since both times the error has cropped up that's been what I've done to get it to go away. The owner's manual does suggest that it be unplugged when not in use, but it's phrased as something that an owner should do for safety's sake, not the good of the machine. Since I'm not the type of person to accidently turn on a treadmill and maul myself I hadn't been bothering, but I'll start doing that now and see what happens. It's a minor inconvenience. I got a good workout in today, though a bit of the bloom is off the rose. Not because I don't enjoy the work but rather because I keep worrying about the machine itself. It's like John Wayne towards the tail end of his career, still strong and powerful but you keep waiting for the impending breakdown.

I even had a psychological thing where I felt like the treadmill was slowing down from the speed I set it at as I treaded without telling me. I couldn't quite tell whether my body was warming up and adjusting to the higher speed or the treadmill was faltering and actually going slower. I ended up checking steps per minute and the number didn't change, so it must have been psychological, but it was still weird. Regardless after about 20-30 minutes I started sweating profusely and my heart rate was good, so the actual speed isn't particularly important. It's getting that cardio in that matters. It's good to have the old friend back and today I feel much more upbeat and positive than I did yesterday, not to mention energized and creative.

This whole weird relationship with the treadmill is coming to dominate my life, and it's only been two weeks to the day since it was delivered! Hopefully it will all get sorted out and I'll be able to focus on other things and the actual life part of
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