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I'm going to do it

So it looks like I'm actually going to do this thing. I've been sort of thinking about it idly for awhile, but the more I actually think about it rationally the more sense it makes. I'm going to give comedy a shot and see what happens. At the very least it will be a humbling experience that will teach me just how much more I have to learn, which I expect to be quite a lot.

I talked to my boss about it and he seemed supportive. He said that in his honest opinion I had the necessary talent (though there will be those such as drederick who will dispute that. There are plenty of people who told Larry David he didn't have what it took, and everyone else worth his salt to boot.) and that it is indeed a route into the industry. It's one I can try without compromising my integrity or working shitty jobs (although shitty day jobs may be a necessity and, in fact, a boon along the way. But if they're not in your career ladder I don't think they'll be quite as depressing. I hope I hope.) A year ago I didn't have the skill or discipline necessary to produce material on a regular basis, nor the confidence to share it, but I do now. I've been reading a book called "How to Write Funny" and in my honest opinion I'm funnier than almost all the authors in it (It does have a chapter by Dave Barry, who is a comedy god.)

I'm in New York, there are plenty of clubs and open mic slots. I'll work out an act over the next few weeks and come May I'll drag a friend down and try it out. This is exciting and it's time. My boss agreed that I'll probably die out there the first time, and the third, and the hundredth. He said it's a five year process to have a shot, although I hope that it goes a little quicker than that. I plan to explore other avenues at the same time, namely blanketing the entire known world with writing samples and job aps and working up freelance work to submit, as well as continuing the screenplay writing process. I'm sticking all of my irons in the fire and hoping that one comes out hot.

As part of this process I'm thinking about changing this journal a little. Right now it's a mix of my writing and my 'true' journal entries. I think that turns people off and reduces the audience significantly, since people who might like my comedy stylings don't necessarily want to hear political whining or "I'm fat and women don't like me" bullshit. I have two choices there. Either make the whiny stuff friends only or move the more "professional" stuff to a different journal and separate the two. I will let the current readers decide since I don't really care either way. If I do make the stuff friends only I'll probably friend everyone who has me friended because I know you are all waiting with baited breath to read about the next time I bump into LHG and have to write 5000 words about how incredibly gorgeous she is and what a worm I am in comparison. BATED BREATH.

Poll #475044 Ch-ch-changes

Friends only or separate pro journal?

Make your whiny crap friends only please
Comedy belongs FAR away from tragedy! NEW JOURNAL!
I don't care but I insist on voting anyway because I'm a fakingsincerity class moron
I like paste quite a lot
It's good

Do you still want access to the whiny crap

HELL YEAH! It makes my life look better in comparison
I don't care one way or the other
Just make with the funny, bitch
Sometimes Mrs. Oakenbritches tells us not to eat the paste, but I do
She gets mad and slaps me in my special place

Anything else that you'd like to share?

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