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The Market Works!

Recently revealed data on Viacom's payments to its executive officers proves once and for all that the market works. Not only were the three top guys at Viacom each paid over $50 million each last year, while the stock fell, but they were compensated for working at home. That's right, in exchange for agreeing to stay in their homes when in town on business, instead of in a hotel or hyperbaric chamber, the top dogs got over $100,000. I'm not sure how they arranged this? Did they threaten to sleep under a bridge unless the company PAID them to get into their own beds? I don't know. Still it's a pretty sweet deal and proves that when it comes to making sure that the rich can continue to plunder public companies and make sure there's less and less money for the lower classes to scrap over, the market still works baby!

If only Walton scions could rape and murder as they pleased and pay only a fine for their actions, as they would be able to do under the Libertarian party platform, think of how much MORE wonderful this world would be. Oh great golden gods WE SALUTE YOU! We only wish we had NO rights to prevent your mighty hands from crushing us. That would be a fine life indeed.
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