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Happiness is found in whores and eight balls

Yesterday was interesting. I've decided not to post it in a conventional format, but instead to do something new with it, adding another to my growing list of writing projects now that I'm essentially unemployed and it has become my job to write constantly. I don't know what percentage I'll share here, I actually felt a little icky about putting up my longer script just on the off chance that someone might steal it. It's not long enough now to be worth stealing, and it might never be good enough, but it's just something I was thinking about. The thing about screenplays is that the number actually produced as films for movie theaters is dwarfed by the number sold for cold hard cash, so you could have a screenplay stolen and sold for money and never know about it, even though modern copyright law would allow me to sue even if I hadn't officially copyrighted it. That's one good thing about the Internet, if you post something here you instantly have like 20 witnesses that it's your intellectual property.

Anyway the coast is clear for now when it comes to getting some writing done. I'll probably apply for a real job within a month or two, but for now I'm excited about just having some creative time without the specter of work looming. Even part time work can be disruptive, especially when you stay in so late that you come home too tired to get anything done. That's not fun.

I've decided to accede to leopardprints's demands, because she has that 'I might be crazy' glint in her eye..not to mention coming off her nose, her ears, her tongue, nipples, and all sorts of other places that I for one would never dream to adorn with metal. She may even have a wrist piercing, she's nuts like that.

So with today as a starting point I'll post some sort of fitness update every couple weeks. Right now the # of pounds lost=0 because well, today's the starting point and it would be really weird if that were not the case. In reality I've probably lost about 4 pounds since the treadmill arrived, which is not horrible considering how many ups and downs there have been with it and the fact that I've definitely lost more fat than that. I'm not so terribly worried about the weight, at least for now, though if things settle down in about a month I will be and may even return to an official diet, fun. I've been trying to avoid that because diets tend not to last and weight that goes down fast returns fast.

By the way, just when I think conservatives can't be any less sensitive and caring a guy like Bill Murchison comes along. In describing the licentious nature of the 60's Murchison actually says that for it to occur it was necessary "prestigious universities such as Princeton to start boarding male with female students, as if it were Auschwitz or something." That's right. Because having male and female students live in the same dorms is EXACTLY the same as creating a murder factory for Jews. Look, I'm not Mr. PC. I've made holocaust jokes, some of which I'm proud of, but you can't seriously make that comparison. It's just unfathomable. I mean I'm actually speechless when faced with someone who would compare promoting sexuality to GENOCIDE. I lived for one semester in a mixed dorm and while people got laid very few of them had their hair fall out from starvation or got gassed, dutch ovens not included.

iconoclast as the archconservative you are, defend YOUR BOY and his metaphor, please.
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