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Over the weekend a couple people made mention of my new journal format. They questioned whether it was the best for me and what I was doing. Now I appreciate all feedback, and you guys have been great, but I felt like this might have been the result of my not explaining myself clearly enough.

My immediate goal is to get good enough to have a shot at getting a comedy writing job. This is a short term goal and one I am seriously pursuing. Now it may not be possible. I may lack the talent or connections or some other attribute people are looking for, but I'm going to try, at least for a month. After that I may look for a more normal job while I pursue other creative opportunities. This is my dream in life and now that I KNOW what it is and I've figured it out, I'm not going to stop chasing it for anybody or anything. Even reality.

Anyway, I know that for some people getting 10 jokes a day on their friends page is annoying, especially when said jokes are not always to their liking or topnotch, so I've created a new community called best_medicine where I'll put all future works of humor. If you want to take a look and provide feedback that's great, if you don't then that's fine too. Also people can join and post if they so desire, or not. It's just there.

The reason I created a new community instead of joining a pre-existing one is that in my experience most moderators are douches and they whine about LJ-Cuts and appropriate language and blah blah blah. I am not a douche, so I figured I was the best choice.

socratic will go back to being obsessively about me and perhaps holding non-comedic writings. I hope this resolves all issues and serves everyone's needs and desires.
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