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Chapter 2 The Return of Boris

For those of you fascinated by my treadmill saga, Boris returned today and he said that it wasn't a motor problem after all but a misaligned sensor, which he re-aligned. I am not entirely convinced, since there were issues that didn't feel sensor related, but it is possible that that's just how the machine reacts to a bad sensor. Regardless from now on I intend to use it only at a high incline, at least until I take some more weight off and even then I'll likely keep it that way. It's working now and I want to be gentle.

Unfortunately I can't work out right now because I pulled a calf yesterday due to odd walking (Before that I stepped on a nail, so I was avoiding using my heel and then of course my foot came down oddly and...well) but I hope it will be better by tomorrow morning. This will also give me more impetus to diet well. I am cautiously optimistic.
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