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The thrill is gone.

I had a 30 minute session on the treadmill this morning, and while it felt great there's definitely something distracting about constantly worrying whether the thing is going to break down while you're on it. I kept hearing noises and feeling the motor laboring to keep up with my significantly reduced pace (I cranked it up to maximum elevation so there was no loss in workout intensity.) I don't know what was phantom and what was real but my guess is that it's going to break down again within a couple weeks, and that sensor adjustment didn't fix it. Oh well. Until then I will get what I can out of it and think of alternative exercises. I am also going to limit each session to about 30 minutes at a time because I suspect that the motor might be overheating after straining to keep up with me for a long period of time. If It's already damaged then there's not much I can do except wait for it to break down and get replaced, but I might as well stretch it out as long as I can. What sustains me is the thought that after I lose some weight this whole problem will go away and the machine will be able to keep up with me, so eventually this saga will sort of take care of itself. It doesn't really matter to me how much it costs, but I need the regular exercise. I gained back some of the weight I'd taken off while it was gone, and if one more skinny asshole gives me shit about "Well why don't you just go outside" I swear I am going to track him down and beat him until he's pissing red for the next couple of weeks. Friendly warning. This could be you.

My mom recently found a picture of me back when I looked like an out of shape linebacker. That's a good goal-weight for now and it's not THAT far away, so I'm aiming to do this incrementally but get it done. Never surrender!
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