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I like the way you move it, CHERRY!

I'm really enjoying this format and I think I'm refining it as I go and having a lot of fun, but I'm going to hold a moratorium at least until tomorrow because I don't want to spam peoples friends pages and I don't want people to burn out. I never burn out, but other people do.

Meanwhile I took about 4 times the recommended dose of fiber today and I have made progress in emptying my colon, but it is not yet empty, which is troubling. My trip to the doctor inspired 2 essays I have yet to write while 1 billion screenplays go unwritten as well and I'm trying to watch The Butterfly Effect but am distracted by the concept of Ashton Kutcher as a brilliant college student, since he looks more like a Seattle hobo and talks more like a moron.

If only my body were not being a stubborn son of a bitch I would truly be loving life right now. As it is I like it, but I'm not sure if I LIKE IT like it.
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