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Truth has a new address.

avung1 suggested that I create a new community and shuffle off my factoid posts there, and so terrible_truths was born. People who have asked me to do them will find their factoids popping up there shortly. Those who want to be there can feel free to ask. The only requirement is that A) If you ask to be done you join the community, not retroactive but in the future. You do not have to friend it if you don't want the pagespam. B) If you choose to post your entry in your journal you mention the community it came from and that other people can have their username done if they so choose, like a viral Meme.

If you want to do factoids about someone else in the community that's fine, but you have to ask permission first. I think this thing won't last long but it's worth a shot, and you can call me shooter.
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