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I wish the real world would stop hasseling me

Yeesh, I appear to have been slightly peeved this morning. I wasn't as well rested as I thought and it made me a little cranky. I said some thing that were perhaps, in retrospect, just a wee bit harsh. At least I didn't say them to anyone REAL, this is just an impersonal journal and I don't think livejournal's servers are capable of being offended, moody as they sometimes are.

Sometimes I really enjoy spewing invective, and I've always enjoyed making up vicious and vulgar comments. In highschool I used to write book reports that would get me sent to the head of the english department. When I was little and the pre-school teacher said "Use your words" all the other kids tended to run away from me. That's not true but I have always been an enthusiastic insulter.

Anyway I'm kinda sorry about the stuff I said and I realize that everyone's flawed and some people DO make honest mistakes and not EVERYBODY is so calous as to think only of themselves. It just seems like that at times. I am very upset that I was born at the tail end of a feminist era where now women have been liberated to be as promiscous and shallow as men. Which is not to say that I promote a double standard, just that I don't understand why the bar was lowered for women rather than raised for men. I mean instead of throwing chastity and the importance of staying in a marriage by the wayside why not start preaching it to boys as strongly as it was preached to girls?

Why did feminists educate their little girls to be fast and loose rather than educating their little boys to be slow and tight?

I don't know.

But I hold views that many people would find offensive and those of us who live in glass houses probably shouldn't be throwing stones so I'm sorry again for what it's worth. Not very sorry, but a little sorry.

Is that enough?

I feel kinda silly right now. That's a good thing. I think that a lot of this anxiety and stuff is coming from boredom and waiting for school to start, as well as some frustrations that would probably be laughable to most people. Like the way the Giants second team offense and defense were beaten to a pulp by the Ravens in the final preseason game. Sure the first team giants took a 6-0 lead before they left the field, and they would be the ones playing in a real game situation, but 38-9 is just a BEATING. I dunno, I like the Giants because they're scrappy and flawed and they seem real. Kerry Collins is a guy who was handed everything on a silver platter, dug a huge hole for himself, and then proceeded to dig himself out. After having been to extreme lows and even having his driver's license revoked for drunken driving he seems to be much more REAL than most athletes today. Sure a lot of people don't get a second chance, but at least he's doing something with his. At least he isn't wasting it. And Tiki Barber is a guy who does a whole lot without being super flashy or posessing incredible genetic advantages. He has drive and work ethic and he is a fairly smart guy too, if his sportscasting job for CBS provides anything close to an impression of what he's like. Michael Strahan is just a cool guy and he has an infectious gap-toothed smile. He's about as cute as a 250+ lb guy who slams other men into the grass for a living can be.

Anyway I'm a Giants fan and I'm okay with that. It almost certainly also has to do with the memory of watching superbowl XV with my dad on his bed and going to a Giants game or two with him. But I'm okay with that.

So I've been frustrated and irrational and stupid and a little mean. Bad me. I ranted and raved and said things that I should regret. Okay. This is my lousy apology. I have more to say but I'll do that later
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