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You've got to find yourself another piece of the action

It's very late so I guess I'll keep this short. Only one long weekend now stands between me and the start of school. I am a tiny bit nervous about this but much less so than I have traditionally been. I have to register for the last couple classes I am taking in about 8 hours and I am still not sure what I want to grab. I haven't really looked carefully which is pretty stupid of me, but I do work best under pressure.

I am already missing the comfort of the older classes that existed during summer session. There's something about taking a class where the professor hands out an assignment sheet suggesting that you grab a glass of champagne that's kinda cool. I was the only one too young to drink legally in that class and when I muttered about moral terpitude Zee (as she bohemianly had us call her) told me to get some apple juice.

I like older classes. They are more subdued. The students tend to be more serious because they are wasting their own money rather than their parents. I can find people to talk to and hang out with after class. I can't explain it but I was more interested in Joyce's stories of her trips to Korea and other places with her husband than I have ever been in tales of bar exploits or juvenile road trips.

Wayne's tales of Stock brokering, making jokes at Justin about Marine cooking, even listening to Flavia complain about how ill treated she was by professor Wong was pretty neat, and thanks to Shamiana I have a whole new viewpoint on Butler library (I loved the story about the homeless man who bought a 55 dollar membership and washed up in the same sink that some of the most privilidged youths in America use to splash water on their faces during a late night study session. I guess Columbia even attracts the brightest bums cause nowhere else in NYC can you get a roof over your head for that little money. Of course the library people banned him from the campus by declaring him persona non grata, but that has it's own sweet irony. What kind of punishment is it to declare a homeless man persona non grata? Isn't that like declaring Dick Clark young looking? Sort of redundant.)

I dunno. I just do better with older people. It's odd. Or maybe not. But school is important and I must go even to the despised lit hum full of freshmen who seem SO young at this point but are pretty close to my age in truth (I'm 19, and some high school seniors are too.) I just felt like commenting on the summer before it ended and wondering where those people are now. One of the problems of older people is that they tend to graduate and move on, or they tend to not want to spend time with ME because I'm only 19 and don't have much to offer in the way of life experience yet (well I have a good amount for a 19 year old but I can't compete with a fifty fiver.) That's okay though. Live and learn....right?

I'm just treading water trying to stay up so I don't have to face registration tomorrow. But that won't work so I guess I will give up and hit the rack, as they say in the military establishment. At least it's pushing 3 AM and I ain't lonely. There's something to be said for that.
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