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Fear the reaper

I have decided to finally meet the obligations I took upon myself in a a MEME from long ago. Since I am currently laid up with an injured ankle what better use of time could I find than teaching you all a little bit about ranting. So, let us begin where all good tales do, at the beginning.

Homophobia and racism. They both suck. And by suck, I mean, THEY RULE!

Homophobia is the completely normal and rational fear that somewhere out there in the great wide world there is someone who wants to jam his dick into your ass and won't take no for an answer. It doesn't matter how old, fat, ugly, or unfashionable you are; he's out there, circling like the shark from Jaws, his penis hovering menacingly just above the water, waiting to strike.

The homosexual knows no fear. He knows no mercy. He is an unstoppable force with only one desire. To fuck you in the ass. And when he grabs you in his iron grip, and he will, you can't get free because his wrists are unnaturally strong from the THOUSANDS of hand jobs he has given. Once he has you in his grasp there is only one thing you can do, and that is bend over and take it up the ass.

The gay agenda wants you to believe that homosexuals are happy go lucky sophisticated men on the make. It wants you to think that they are no threat to anyone, that we should live and let live. The gay agenda wants you to think that homosexuals can make good parents, loyal spouses, and productive members of society. Nothing could be further from the truth. I ask you, my friends, how can the homosexual be a good parent when he ONLY wants to fuck you up the ass and he WILL NOT STOP until he achieves that goal? He will leave his children unattended in the pursuit of his one true desire. He will abandon his spouse if he must to follow your precious ass across the country, with the unmistakable intention of fucking it. He will call in sick to work if he believes it will be a boon to his ass-fucking plan.

The homosexual is like a ninja in the night, albeit dressed in bright and provocative outfits that are less effective for sneaking than most ninja garb, ever in search of straight men's asses to fuck. He can appear at any time in any place and you will NOT hear him coming. Have you ever wondered why homosexuals are called "Light in the loafers?" It is because they make no sound when they walk across any surface. They are silent killers, but instead of killing you they fuck you in the ass. The average homosexual fucks over 400 individual asses in his lifetime. Just by the law of averages one of those asses is bound to be yours, sooner rather than later.

Should we fear the homosexual? Of course we should fear him. He is an unstoppable ass-fucking machine. Some homosexuals say that we should treat them well because it was not their choice to be homosexuals, they were born that way. Well the deadly Guinea Pig did not choose to be a Guinea Pig but we show them no mercy. Why? Because they are deadly. We shoot them on sight. The homosexual is deadly in his own way. He is deadly to your ass. He must be dealt with in the same way one would a Guinea Pig. Homophobia is a rational reaction to a world of evil fashionably dressed men who have designs of fucking you in the ass. How can it be wrong to want to protect your own ass from a savage fucking? It cannot be wrong. It simply cannot.

Next installment: Racism.
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