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Because I love future generations more than I love myself I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and plunk down $150 to preserve my genius in perpetuity via what is known as a permanent account. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. How benevolent of you, Mr. Ben, preserving your greatly under appreciated genius for the children. You truly are a prince among men. And it's true. I am. I am a prince among men. I am the greatest human being ever to lay pen to paper, or hand to keyboard, or whatever.

Could I afford the $150 it cost to buy the account? Not really. Not really at all. I'm spending way too much money recently and starting to drown in growing debt. But that's...okay. Because when it comes to the children I couldn't afford NOT to bless them with my brilliance for ever and ever and ever. I couldn't afford not to do it. And I am going to go to sleep like 15 hours, knowing that until freedom of speech is redacted, which should be at least like a few months, the children will have access to my greatness. That's not a..a term for my penis. I want the authorities to know that.

Preserving my early writings as a gift to mankind may mean that I cannot afford to eat or even go to the bathroom in a couple months when the credit card bill comes, but that a small price to pay for the knowledge that I will forever be known as the man who invented calling airplane bathroom masturbation pulling a Lindbergh. A small price to pay indeed. Small, yet heavy.

I'm so screwed.

So I have a permanent account now, and my ankle is feeling better and everything is turning up socratic. I have my resume ready for my meeting with my boss tomorrow, though I will probably polish it further, and he might have some people to send it too. Otherwise I'm just going to discuss it with him so I know what kind of reference he'll be, and then it's off to the races trying desperately to find employment that will pay for my new permanent status.
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